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Sep. 23rd, 2012

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I want more fandom friends!
Today kind of sucked. We had a decently busy schedule to begin with, then we were short a person, then the day got even busier. We were all busting ass all day and we were still running a little behind. Then an emergency came in about a half hour before we were supposed to close. That would have been enough stress all on its own, but our x-ray machine seems to be broken. We took a set of x-rays, ran them through the processor, and... nothing. Not a thing on them. They looked just like unexposed x-ray film. We tried a few different things, even tried using some older film just in case this new batch was bad or something, but still nothing. We had to send the patient to the ER.

This is a *bad* thing. We can't afford to not have an x-ray machine, but I don't think we can afford to buy a new one. And the thing is really old, so who knows if it can be repaired. I know my workplace is struggling to make it as it is, and this has me really worried.


My friend Heather had her baby today! Or is currently in the process of having said baby; the last I heard was that they were inducing labor after her water broke around noon today. (ETA: currently still having baby, so far everything's fine)

The baby shower is/was supposed to be this Saturday. I knitted a few things for her (including the red devil/kitty from a previous post). Also there's a really lame yellow and white pillow thing and a sickeningly cute blue bunny thing (I'll take pics before I give them to her and I'll post them then). I'm not sure if they'll still have the shower this weekend. Mother and baby should be out of the hospital by then, but who knows.

So, I went to the drug store this evening to buy a baby card. Unfortunately, they were all so cutesy I couldn't bring myself to buy one. (Our friends are quite a bit like us, and not so into the cute). I had been toying with this idea for a card to make, so I decided to go ahead with it.

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So, I might have to put the TARDIS knitting project on hold. Why? Well, a little back story first.

There was this awesome person, Mazzmatazz who came up with and shared, for free, some Doctor Who knitting patterns. This came to the attention of the BBC after someone else was selling the finished product from her pattern on Ebay. This led to the BBC threatening her with legal action, claiming she was breaking their trademark.

Now, a similar thing is starting with the person who made the TARDIS pattern I was working from. Someone on ebay was selling her patterns, so she reported them and removed the patterns from her website to attempt to avoid what happened to Mazzmatazz.

If I was a bit further along in the pattern (or I had saved the damn thing to my computer, which I had meant to do), I could keep on with it, but I'm not and I didn't. I've sent her a PM asking if she'd be willing to send the pattern to me via email, and am currently awaiting her response. Though I don't know if she'll want it distributed at all right now. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed.


Thanks to a certain someone's incredible sales pitch, I've now got a Twitter account. Same username, because try as I might, I just can't come up with a new one. And I'd really like a new one, since I've been using this one for something like 6 years and the other one I occasionally use has been around in some way for over a decade.

But that's not what I'm "woohoo"-ing about. I just figured out how to take a semi-decent video with my crappy camera. Well, it more involves converting it to .mpg from .avi, and the video is still kinda grainy, but the sound works now! So, if I don't totally crap out on the idea, I'll probably be starting a video blog. Though I really wish now that I hadn't deleted the stuff I recorded the other day :(


And now I'm realizing the biggest reason I was wanting to make one *so bad* the past couple days is because I thought I couldn't... and now that I can, the idea doesn't seem so tempting anymore. I'll take a stab at it sometime anyway.
I just wrote an incredibly long email to my mom about my knitting projects, so I'm just going to copy it over here, with just a little bit of editing (she hadn't seen Lumpy before, but you guys have, so I'll leave that part out).

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Look at me, actually posting!



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149 Whoniverse icons

149 Doctor Who, Torchwood, and Sarah Jane Adventures icons

They're all jumbled together, since that's how they were in my Photobucket and I'm too lazy to organize them here.

This is every single Whoniverse icon I've ever made, most of which have never been posted in my journal (though I did *just* post the SJA ones), so I'm just throwing them all out there.

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SJA icons

50 Sarah Jane Adventures icons (made for icons50)

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WoT: The Hayloft

Title: The Hayloft
Author: lachatdelarue
Fandom: The Wheel of Time series
Pairing/Characters: Rand al'Thor/Mat Cauthon
Rating/Category: PG
Prompt: Rand/Mat, remember when we...
Spoilers: The Eye of the World only (with a teeny, tiny mention of something in The Shadow Rising)
Summary: Rand recounts a memory in the vain hope it may help his old friend.
Notes/Warnings: slash; beta'd by chaos_silk

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